Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey peepers.This summer we went to see Brian and Katie. We went to a under ground cave and looked at all the Rock formations.It was a long time we walked around. Then you could here water and are group got in a boat the guide was steering.There were fish in the lake the guide threw food in the lake. He made lots of jokes for instance we were in between to rock walls and he said if your really quite you can here singing....... nothing? well I guess you don't like hard rock,he says.when on the boat there was something on the ceiling and it dripped water on me. The guide said it was called a cave kiss and it was supposed to be lucky, that if any of us left and won the lottery then half the money was his. He asked the group if we had any questions and me and mom at the back of the group found out that he had black shoes, and ain't like pickles !? any way when we got out of the cave we all went to Gigi's Cupcakes and picked one out. They were good but big. The next morning we left for Florida. I ain't gonna say every thing cause I really don't like typing.We went there to hang out with uncle Jeff, aunt Lori,and Brent.then we went to animal kingdom. I rode my first roller coaster, mount Everest. Disney worlds food ain't the best. I'll tell you that. The hotel we stayed at was HUGE! We had to rooms. The first room had a fully stocked kitchen(full size fridge, dish washer, pots and pan, microwave , oven, and a stove) living room with a flat screen t.v pull out couch door with a washer and drier a door a bed room and the bedroom had a same size t.v, and an ihome.blahblahblah huge bath blahblahblahbl. swim blablah magic kingdom bla blah. Finnally we went to universal rode the Simpson's ride, and a whole bunch of other things. the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey its SUMMER.I tried to upload a sample picture with four stars but it would not work. This summer I had lots of late Nights. Me and Stephen had an all night party we made it till 3:10.last time we made it longer. At about nine we got a movie. we got Mary Poppins. We played games too. And one night I stayed up till ten just to finish speed racer.(Not the cartoon.)and yesterday I got started on Humatrope wich didn't mean staying up late.But I went to activity days wich meant staying up some what late. WOW! I thought this would be so much longer!This is what we did at the school feild trip it was so much fun! We went to the challenge course and played sailor says wich is like simon says but a little different. And toilet tag. like freeze tag. but different. And lunch was AWESOME! we had meatball subs,carrots and peas,they had a salad bar, fruits, apples and bananas,and for desert rice crispie treats.Plus water with an bad after taste. and juice, and pink lemonade.Then after lunch we went to the lake and went to the lake and went cannoing. But there weren't enough life vests so me and my friend sammantha had to go to water lab first. we found out the water was fresh water. then we went cannoing.after that we left and me and sammy were SO HOT are clothes were sticking to are body. But we coulddn't open are widow cause we were sitting by the emergency window.So we just road in silece. thats all folks.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's up? It's spring I have not blogged in a while so I'll probably blog a lot. I wonder if this shows how many words you've written. Oh and today's mother's Day. We usually let the chickens outside. Once we let them out of the coop and they found a baby snake. One had it in its mouth and the others were chasing the one with it.The chicken accidentally dropped the snake and it tried to get away but the chicken got it. And eventually the chicken killed the snake and ate the baby snake. Anyway, are field trips coming up. were going to Adventure Camp. We ain't spending the night though. we do that when were in at least fifth grade.notice how I said ain't. I hope we get to do archery. Last years field trip was the best! My mom was ten minutes late so me and Isabella (She was my partner) had to go with Madalyn .finally mom caught up.We joined groups with Madalyn. We saw a talking bird and a girl walked up to and said he answered my question. We said hello, the bird said hello. Then we continued on.later we were getting hungry so we looked for the class cause it was lunch time. We could not find them but we found another class. We ran Into the bird. Madalyn and Izzy We saying Hi, Holah, Hello. I remembered what the girl said. and asked the bird "where is Mrs.Rogers?"They Quieted down. the bird pointed we ran there. And the bird was right! We went and ate. And Mrs.Rogers Let the class get something at the gift shop for one dollar. Then we got on the bus to leave.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We found a dog on the street I was a English bulldog. It tried to attack the chickens. Mom opened the door of the car and it jumped in. Mom asked a girl if she had saw the dog and the girl said "yeah that's my neighbors dog" mom asked if she could see if they were home. She said yes. She came back and said "no one is home". then mom checked to see if the gate was locked and opened the gate and saw there dog and the girl said "well that's obviously not her". So mom took her home her owner picked her up today. We also added on to the chicken coop. Now I can stand up in it. I know because mom put me in it to pick up the water bowl. That's when a chicken scratched me. And the middle girls laid there first egg. but the older chickens already are laying. The bull dog was called Nowell at our house because cole said the dogs name is nowell and it wagged its tail. but its name realy isn't nowell.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nipper's died in September. Somehow bacteria got in her and her stomach got tight. One time I was laying in bed reading and nippers was on my chest and she walked up to my face. I giggled and put her back on my chest. She was supposed to live five years she lived less then four weeks

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what's up, I can't find a good picture so I put the letter's in red. Red is also my initials. I am blogging about nippers. if you have not seen my guinea pig/cavy go to the previous post. You will see nippers there if your computer isn't messed up. Stephen (person I decided to put with parentheses) told me to bring nipper's into his room. He cleared a desk and I put her on it we didn't stay there very long. when I am talking about nippers I will put the word nip in large letter's just for fun. Today after school I brought nipper's out in the living room to watch television. On the way back to her cage/laundry basket she NIPPED at my thumb. I told her no(teaching her not to NIP). Instead of me taking the next step and she does it again(usually she does) she stopped NIPPING at me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I just got a new pet guinea pig. I named her Nipper's. Her name is Nipper's because she nips at
things alot. Megan wanted to see her. And misty started to crow. We gave him to the outdoor
learning center. Plus the chickens laid eggs. The eggs are brown.