Thursday, September 11, 2008

One day Me and my mom made mini cupcake's. It took a while to gather the suplies . It was worth it.We got it off bakerella.

Goodies for Granparents Day

Today was Goodies for Grandparents day at school. Luckily Grammy Robbins just happened to be here, so off we went. Grammy thought there were not going to be any grandmas there, but there were. A little girl came up and talked to Gram and Gram asked, "who is she?" when she left and I said, "I don't know". We ate sticky buns. I figured out where the projector is that shows the pictures on the wall is. I ate fast so I could hide in the car and go back home with Gram, but Gram was finished when I was so I had to stay at school. Hi!
One day I took apart a phone. It was FUUUNNN!!! I had to wait for Daddy to get home so I could use the special screwdrivers, Lots of little screws. I threw away the screen because when I lifted up the screen ink splatted everywhere.
Zoe came over but I had a cold. Anyway the next door neighbor's had a swim party and a little boy had almost drown, there were four police cars and an ambulance.
Zoe and I waited for all the cars to drive away. After all the cars went away we went swimming in my backyard. We played super heroes in the pool. Only for ten minutes because Dad had to pick up Mom at the hospital. We had the most fun listening to Colby play the guitar, we just sat upon the bunkbed and listened.