Saturday, November 21, 2009

We found a dog on the street I was a English bulldog. It tried to attack the chickens. Mom opened the door of the car and it jumped in. Mom asked a girl if she had saw the dog and the girl said "yeah that's my neighbors dog" mom asked if she could see if they were home. She said yes. She came back and said "no one is home". then mom checked to see if the gate was locked and opened the gate and saw there dog and the girl said "well that's obviously not her". So mom took her home her owner picked her up today. We also added on to the chicken coop. Now I can stand up in it. I know because mom put me in it to pick up the water bowl. That's when a chicken scratched me. And the middle girls laid there first egg. but the older chickens already are laying. The bull dog was called Nowell at our house because cole said the dogs name is nowell and it wagged its tail. but its name realy isn't nowell.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nipper's died in September. Somehow bacteria got in her and her stomach got tight. One time I was laying in bed reading and nippers was on my chest and she walked up to my face. I giggled and put her back on my chest. She was supposed to live five years she lived less then four weeks