Saturday, January 24, 2009

what's up. I'm going to blog about our play. It's about a cow that would not moo! At the end the cow has to come up to the front of the stage and dance. My friend Isabella was a cute chick. Only girls could dance to the chick music because only girls were the chicks. mom thought the boys were lost because they were not dancing. I was not anything, I just sang. Mom said that the little boy kept blocking me when she was trying to get pictures. and there is a video. There was somebody in my class who didn't have a part and everyone who doesn't have a part had to dress up like cowboys and cowgirls and he had cowboy chaps on. the end finally!!!!!!!!!!


Kenny & Brittany said...

You are the cutest cowgirl! Oh and thank you, thank you, thank you very much (for the elvis music)!

Judith said...

Britterly is sooo right. Love those boots. Watch the mail for a valentine surprice. :)
I also want you to know that I kind of liked when you said yo a lot. It was fun