Sunday, March 29, 2009

britrany wanted to see my canada shirt so here.


lizzy-loo said...

canada, oh canada! visit in the summer riley when it isn't freezing. tell your mom you all need to write on wisdom!

Anonymous said...


This is the president of the United States. I am using your brother, Stephen's account to get a hold of you. I want you to come to the White House to play with my little girl Sasha who is 8 years old.

Then I am going to send you both to the moon on my spaceship so you can start a colony of little kids.

kel said...

yeah right stephen.


Brian said...

Who's that little baby/girl/pansy in the background playing Xbox?

Judith said...

Did you go to Canada to get this shirt? It is very nice. Can I come visit you on the moon?