Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's up? It's spring I have not blogged in a while so I'll probably blog a lot. I wonder if this shows how many words you've written. Oh and today's mother's Day. We usually let the chickens outside. Once we let them out of the coop and they found a baby snake. One had it in its mouth and the others were chasing the one with it.The chicken accidentally dropped the snake and it tried to get away but the chicken got it. And eventually the chicken killed the snake and ate the baby snake. Anyway, are field trips coming up. were going to Adventure Camp. We ain't spending the night though. we do that when were in at least fifth grade.notice how I said ain't. I hope we get to do archery. Last years field trip was the best! My mom was ten minutes late so me and Isabella (She was my partner) had to go with Madalyn .finally mom caught up.We joined groups with Madalyn. We saw a talking bird and a girl walked up to and said he answered my question. We said hello, the bird said hello. Then we continued on.later we were getting hungry so we looked for the class cause it was lunch time. We could not find them but we found another class. We ran Into the bird. Madalyn and Izzy We saying Hi, Holah, Hello. I remembered what the girl said. and asked the bird "where is Mrs.Rogers?"They Quieted down. the bird pointed we ran there. And the bird was right! We went and ate. And Mrs.Rogers Let the class get something at the gift shop for one dollar. Then we got on the bus to leave.

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Katie said...

Don't worry, Riley, I noticed when you said "aint".

And guess what? We get to see you in a month!