Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey its SUMMER.I tried to upload a sample picture with four stars but it would not work. This summer I had lots of late Nights. Me and Stephen had an all night party we made it till 3:10.last time we made it longer. At about nine we got a movie. we got Mary Poppins. We played games too. And one night I stayed up till ten just to finish speed racer.(Not the cartoon.)and yesterday I got started on Humatrope wich didn't mean staying up late.But I went to activity days wich meant staying up some what late. WOW! I thought this would be so much longer!This is what we did at the school feild trip it was so much fun! We went to the challenge course and played sailor says wich is like simon says but a little different. And toilet tag. like freeze tag. but different. And lunch was AWESOME! we had meatball subs,carrots and peas,they had a salad bar, fruits, apples and bananas,and for desert rice crispie treats.Plus water with an bad after taste. and juice, and pink lemonade.Then after lunch we went to the lake and went to the lake and went cannoing. But there weren't enough life vests so me and my friend sammantha had to go to water lab first. we found out the water was fresh water. then we went cannoing.after that we left and me and sammy were SO HOT are clothes were sticking to are body. But we coulddn't open are widow cause we were sitting by the emergency window.So we just road in silece. thats all folks.

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Kenny & Brittany said...

Late nights are so much fun! Did you out last stephen again? I hope that you guys have fun in Tennessee and Florida... take lots of pictures so i can see!
I love you cute girl!