Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey peepers.This summer we went to see Brian and Katie. We went to a under ground cave and looked at all the Rock formations.It was a long time we walked around. Then you could here water and are group got in a boat the guide was steering.There were fish in the lake the guide threw food in the lake. He made lots of jokes for instance we were in between to rock walls and he said if your really quite you can here singing....... nothing? well I guess you don't like hard rock,he says.when on the boat there was something on the ceiling and it dripped water on me. The guide said it was called a cave kiss and it was supposed to be lucky, that if any of us left and won the lottery then half the money was his. He asked the group if we had any questions and me and mom at the back of the group found out that he had black shoes, and ain't like pickles !? any way when we got out of the cave we all went to Gigi's Cupcakes and picked one out. They were good but big. The next morning we left for Florida. I ain't gonna say every thing cause I really don't like typing.We went there to hang out with uncle Jeff, aunt Lori,and Brent.then we went to animal kingdom. I rode my first roller coaster, mount Everest. Disney worlds food ain't the best. I'll tell you that. The hotel we stayed at was HUGE! We had to rooms. The first room had a fully stocked kitchen(full size fridge, dish washer, pots and pan, microwave , oven, and a stove) living room with a flat screen t.v pull out couch door with a washer and drier a door a bed room and the bedroom had a same size t.v, and an ihome.blahblahblah huge bath blahblahblahbl. swim blablah magic kingdom bla blah. Finnally we went to universal rode the Simpson's ride, and a whole bunch of other things. the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Kenny & Brittany said...

Glad you guys had so much fun on your Florida trip! I love Roo!

Katie said...

Riley, this is probably the best piece of literature I have ever read.